ButterflyNoBG (1)

Once upon a time, an artist and writer living in New York City had many little ideas that she wanted to make come true. And so, she decided to open her very own shop and fill it with stars and glitter and magic and dreaming. She soon began her first project and worked for hours, which turned into days, measuring, cutting, and filling tiny jars with stars. Finally, she was finished, and had a lovely collection to begin her shop. To celebrate the grand opening, she went out for a nice walk and had a delicious breakfast of pancakes. However, she returned a couple hours later to a trail of sparkles and stars all over her apartment. The trail led to a very naughty and guilt-filled kitten who sat in the middle of a large pile of spilled stars and broken jars, with glitter covering his paws. And so, the grand opening was postponed, but the shop found its name, The Stars Spilled, and in the end everyone, including the kitten, found a happy (and rather sparkly) ever after…

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